FelixSolutions.AI & MaxedS

We are proud to announce our strategic partnering with FelixSolutions.AI for advisor services for Go-to-Market strategy and Sales Acceleration.

It is very fitting that it starts with Siva Vaidyanatha.  We have known Siva for the last 15 years. Some of my most proud deals were done with Siva when he was the CTO at Infosys.  An example was at one of the top technology products and electronics retailers.  We created an innovative technology solution that identified competitor’s Black Friday circulars in each zip code, parsed-out their leading promotional and loss-leader products and pricing to attract customers, so as to allow our client to craft a differentiated, competitive pricing strategy and response plan.  And, this was many years before AI/ML became the buzzword.

So, this brings us to Felix Solutions.AI.

Siva & team have created a firm, and repeatable capability, that uses AI/ML and advanced analytics to actually uncover and solve some of their client’s most challenging economic and business problems…and better than anybody else in the market. A few examples include:

  • At one of the largest Automobile OEMs, FelixSolutions.AI replaced a much larger incumbent provider, with a solution that was 50% more accurate, and got going in only 4 weeks;
  • For a leading Hospital, the Felix.AI platform and Healthcare industry-specific modules provided the analytics & insights that identified patients at risk for a serious condition, that significantly surpassed the results of industry behemoths;
  • And, for a leading global technology and analytics provider to major Healthcare Providers, Payors, and Pharma/Biotech companies, Felix quickly understood the business and economic imperatives, and replaced a leading global Automation solution provider, driving accuracy from 65% to 99.5%, while reducing costs 70%.

There are many more such stories and case studies captured here.

We have been working with Siva, his leadership team of Stephanie, LanaPrathima, Gourav and investors – PrabhakarShailuDayakar and Ram for several weeks, and putting it all together. 

We would also like to introduce Larry Danna, who joined our team late last year as an early founding member and is also on the Executive Team at MaxedS.  My very first deal in Chicago was done in partnership with Larry, almost fifteen years ago. We have remained friends, and are now getting the opportunity to work together again and grow MaxedS and our client successes.

We are excited and energized about the potential of working together, and helping drive Sales, Deals, and Go-to-Market efforts.