KamerAI & MaxedS

We are proud to announce our strategic partnering with KamerAI for advisor services for Go-to-Market strategy and Sales Acceleration.

We have known Prasanna & Adhi over 10 years from our days at Infosys, to now as they are running and growing a successful computer vision based AI platform venture to enable enterprises on their Industry 4.0 roadmap. KamerAI is a next generation Computer-Vision based industrial automation and analytics platform that easily integrates into an enterprise’s operations and technology. It has been purpose-built to arm and inspire business user insights and action to drive tangible results and economic value across an enterprise. Powered with AI and ML at its core, KamerAI’s automation and visual analytics solution focuses on enabling your organization to impact various supply chain, operational, cost reduction, and compliance measures within days of implementation.

A few KamerAI’s client case studies include:

  • For a fashion and accessories retailer and omni-channel client, Kamer.AI implemented an integrated solution, combining real-time computer-vision observations, traditional bar code scan data, with weight & dimension information, to identify millions of $’s of freight and carrier cost savings, as well as multiple end-to-end supply chain process improvement;
  • For a large logistics leader in Europe, KamerAI is designing and implementing a custom solution, based off many pre-build platform components and technologies, to drive both significant accuracy and cost reduction metrics across various warehouse floor, fulfillment, and outbound logistics processes.

We are very excited and energized to be working with this duo as they are not only great friends, but we are now jointly-focused on solving some of the largest business problems and economic opportunities at enterprises.