• A good sales talent is twice the cost of an engineer and half as productive
  • Development can be executed in   a shared model, no such option for  sales yet.

Enterprise Sales

Who do we work with

  • Quadruple your reach
  • All infra – cold calling engine, research by us
  • Extensive CXO Advisor network to help accelerate closures
  • B2B tech startups
  • With need to accelerate sales
  • Focused on selling into global 2000+

Tech enabled shared model for sale


It is meant to accelerate start-ups with up to C-series in funding.

Our focus currently is B2B Tech Startups.

Sales leader will be handpicked and will have at least 15 years of experience in Enterprise sales. He/she may be paired up with an ex-CXO at no additional cost to you.

NO. You are outsourcing sales, rest of the things like Marketing, SMEs, CEO pitches, etc will remain as-is.

It is more prevalent in Europe for very interesting reasons, also few large VCs have their in-house BD teams.

They win when they setup the meeting, we win when you get revenues.